Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Such a sunday.

This morning I woke up at 0830. This after not going to bed till 0100 because of someone being a little too excited about his new game. I got up, fed the pooch, let her out and attempted sleep.
I layed there for a while, sleepless so I got up and went on the computer. Not much new so I tried to sleep again. I may have slept 10 minutes when My nose was so runny I woke up. YUCK! Tikka wanted out again so out she went. I had a cookie and some chocolate milk, tried to figure out what to do....nadda. So I attempted softly waking up hubby. It was 1130 at this point. I cuddled up to him. Kissed his cheek...nope, rubbed his back...nope...huged him tight....nope. Kissed his cheek while rubbing his bum and cuddled realy close....nope. Coughed a few times...nope. So I layed there, feeling all stuffed up and managed to fall asleep.

I woke to my self yelling at Dan that it was 1330. I must have checked the time in my sleep or something because I dont remember waking up and checking the time, and it wasnt 1330 it was 1300. Dan says to me, "Why didnt you wake me up?" I told him about all my efforts in doing so, he couldnt believe he was that out of it.

We showered, both feeling crappy with stuffed up noses, we decided Chili would be the perfect dinner for this lazy day. So we went to the store where we ran in to Cheryl. She said hi, Dan asked who she was....... I regretted telling him that Cheryl and I are on a first name basis since she works at the fudge store. The rest of the shopping trip I was harassed about how I like fudge too much.

I have bread rising in the oven and am about to start the yummy chili so it can have lots of simmer time. Cant wait for chili dinner and a movie with my man!

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