Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I could not ask for more.

Im just so happy with my perfect life.
I have the most amazing husband and we are so wrapped up in each other. He mean the world to me and I couldnt ask for more. (in a man that is, NO men wash dishes, clean and all that. So he is the perfect man, any more perfect and he'd be a woman. tehe)
We have an amazing poochy. Tikka is only 6 months old and already sits, stays and closes the door on command. She also doesnt jump up on the couch without an invitation and she grabs her leash when she needs to go out or when we are getting ready t go. She does need to learn what 'lay down' means but she at least has 'sit' and 'stay' down packed. She also will shake her lifeless duckie like crazy when we tell her to 'GET SOME, GET SOME!' (army term) She is so great.
Perfect husband, perfect life and trying to add a perfect baby to the mix. (hopefully already a bean, we'll see....fingers crossed!)
I am the happiest woman alive!!


  1. I now have to say Im not liking her knowing "GET SOME!" because she uses it at inappropriate times. Like last night when she decided to "GET SOME" of my hand. OUCHIE!! Still hurts really bad today.

  2. Oh and before I get a ton of messages saying WHAT? A BEAN? No bean yet. lol