Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Over exaggerating parents.

I just wanted to touch on this for a minute. I've seen or heard about many parents who freak out over the littlest things wrong with their kids. I do know your child is the most important thing in your life but I mean in a different sense.

Parents these days thinks medicine is the only way to fix their child's troubles. Pains? Tylenol. Fever? Tylenol. Cold? Cough syrup. Slightly infected cut? Hospital. Fever wont go down after 2 hours? Hospital. Cold lasted more than 3 days? HOSPITAL!

When I was a child, if I had a fever, it was no blankets, lots of freezies and popsicles, cold bath, frozen washcloths, and if that didnt work, then tylenol. Mommys bag of medicine was lemon, ginger, honey and vapor rub for colds. (and a funny movie) Some good soap, polysporine and a bandaide for cuts gashes and scrapes. Jello, gingerale cuddles and a funny movie for the flu.

Parents, the only thing to help your child doesnt need to come from a bottle, try alternatives first.

P.S. For nightmares, mommy and daddys bed is the best. At age of 8, it is not however.
(I dont know why my mom got her tubes tied, she wouldnt have ever needed to had she knows I would like her bed better than mine) :D

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big announcement!!!

I just wanted you all to know that after breakfast at mcdonalds this morning, and seeing the old people gather and talk about their joints not functioning right, Im looking forward to being old some day.
:D Thats all.

Poor Zilla Bunny.

This morning Eli was squawking away. After a while of his squawking and us trying to get back to sleep, I went in there to what his problem was. The second I saw Zilla (looking like she normal does when she sleeps or is resting) I just knew she had died. I looked a bit closer and saw that she in fact wasnt breathing. I got Dan and we looked around, trying to figure out what could have happened. I was not in there yesterday but Dan was and said she was fine then. I decided to look around where she always went, like in the corner of the room behind the bassinet. There was a sizable amount of blood there and then drips of blood going to her cage. On the mat outside the cage, I realized there were a few big blood spots also. My first thought was that Eli lost it on her and had picked her. I didnt think this would happen because they were always fine together. One thought was that she possible ate some of Eli's seeds sine we saw some in her litter box that looked like it had sharp edges and there was more blood in there too. I thought that wasnt the case since there was lots of blood under her, so I figure it was an external cut. I asked Dan to deal with it and check to see where the blood was coming from. He said it was definitely an internal bleeding since he checked at her head first checking all her orifices and checked through her fur and found nothing till he got to her bum.
I miss my furry little bunny.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Me? A dog groomer?

The thought came up today that Ray (one out of 2 groomers ) might at some point be posted out with her fiance. This would leave Cindy back to where she was when she started the business, by her self grooming. To keep her business safe, her and Ray talked and decided I should be trained (if I want to) to groom so I could take over if need be. I wont have near the years she does but I could catch on and hopefully not make any huge mistakes like shaving a dog I shouldn't have, or making anyone bald!

This isnt really the direction I was going for in life, but I figure, I have a lot of working years to come and you are never going to have the perfect dream job off the bat. My dream job is a slack job. Having a floral business doing wedding flowers and special occasion stuff. That could also be a part time thing. Besides, there is tons of time to experience other options that I may not have thought of.

Im so excited to learn more things!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I just had t post about this because I laughed SO hard I was on the ground gasping for air.

At work today, Ray was holding a very nervous little pup. Just as its momma was leaving it with us, he started pooping. I told Ray and tried to pull him away from her so he didnt get any on her... TOO late! He pooped and it landed right in her pocket!

We both peeked in there and didnt see anything but her lighter so she reached her hand in carefully, yup, he pooped RIGHT in her pocket!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


At least a few times a day, Dan will hide behind something scare me. Today I hear his clunky boots stomping down the stairs. I figures with most of the lights off and my soft sock feet, I could scare him. I crept up beside the stair case and when he rounded the corner, I jumped out at him and said "AHHHHH" He jumped! I spent the next 10 minutes trying not to die of laugher. He of course said. "yeah, well how many times have I got you?!" I dont care, Im proud of me. lol :D

Geeze army!!

Dan was told that he would have time off at Christmas from the 17th (Dec) till 3rd (Jan). Then it was 12th-31st, then he would be in California for almost 2 months. I decided to stay in BC from Christmas leave till mid February. Then he was told hes not going to California any more. I told my boss (this being the day after I told her I would be staying, now Im not) So now things were settled and we booked the flights. We had the booked the flights from the 12th-31st last week. Today he was told, he just might be going to California and leave might be shortened...SHEESH.

Hes saying I should stay in BC regardless. Not a bad idea, I could spend lots of time with my family, but if I do, I wont have a job when I come back.

'Tis the fun of being an army wife!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I want an XBOX cuz mine is broken. I want an XBOX cuz mine is broken. I want an .......

So Dans XBOX had the 3 red circles of doom or whatever they are called. Anyways, what ever it is it means its broken. He begged and begged and begged for a new one and I said no, its not a necessity and we cant afford it. NO NO NO!!!

Well I gave in and he is now playing his new $300 XBOX. Hey, you'd give in too if you had to listen to..... "I want an XBOX cuz mine. Is. Bro-ken. I want an XBOX cuz mine. Is. Bro-ken. I want an XBOX cuz mine. Is. Bro-ken." For 20 minutes while banging 2 cookie sheets together over my head while circling me. I told him he could have one as soon as the basement was so spotless it was live-able. After 20 minutes of crash, bang, boom, I tried to explain that I'm not his mom and am not going to say he cant have something, I just want him to think about it and make the right choice and realize our finances..... He kissed me, said "thanks baby," and went to walmart to buy it.

Sometimes, I wonder how they fit all that fluff for brains packed in there so well.

GOLDEN! This is a lesson everyone can learn from.

Tonight I walked into our bedroom and was pissed off at the mess in there. About to clean it (like I do almost every week) I realized..... Its all his crap.

Hubby is down stairs playing on his new XBOX (.... I'll tell you about that in the next post.) I called him up, and made him look into our room from the door way and asked, "whats wrong with this?" He said, its messy. I told him, DUH and its all your crap!

I asked what is supposed to be there. He pointed out the 3 things allowed there. I said ok, so anything else that ends up there needs to be moved. I then explained that I know he enjoys night time snacks but in the morning when he goes downstairs for breakfast, he can bring his snack dishes down.

Trip after trip after trip, the stuff found a home. Here is the lesson.... Though it was his stuff, a pair of socks and bra or two of mine ended up in the mix so every time he made a trip out, I quickly found a home for my few things then sat back on the bed where I was. Hey 1/20 isnt bad so I figured, if he didnt notice, he didnt need to know about it.

They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks, we'll see. A dog will do anything for a cookie, its to get him to do it when there is no cookie.

Never a dull moment at work.

Today was quite the day. I bathed a few dogs including a skunked dog. Got soaking wet in doing so, thankfully it didnt get all over my face and hair this time, so I wasnt freezing.

Then I bathed 2 cats. Both of which thought if they ran fast enough the rope holding them in the tub would magically disappear or something. Surprisingly I only got one bitty scratch in the process.

Then there was a dog that whimpered when it peed. That was the same dog that bit me the whole time I was brushing it no matter how gentle I was. It had a lot of mats too so that wasnt fun. He also had the loudest screeching bark EVER. And decided to make that God awful sound all day.

While one of the cats was drying it decided to poop where it was laying so I had to pick that off its bum. Thankfully it didnt get stuck on there.

We had 2 dogs come in to get nails done. One pug and some other similar little thing. One of them peed on me ...twice while I was holding it. the owner felt so bad but its part of the job, just pee.

I partially shaved a couple dogs and cleaned up and my day was done. Not a bad day, just entertaining.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Terrible TEENS!!! UGH

So Tikka decided to be rebellious. I guess Auntie Ray told her to. She has been hyper, jumping on the couch and isnt being mindful of what it is she is jumping on (laptop). These past few days, she decided she didnt like my idea of decorating so she jumped up to pull my Christmas bows off the railing. UGH!
Bye-bye pretty bows.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Date night with my hubby....I mean the hottie from the bar ;)

Well hubby and I did some Christmas shopping after work tonight. Dollar store gifts for all!!!!
Then on our way home we were complaining that there were no good wings, so we sopped at the pub that was right beside us on our journey home. I think they are pretty good, I dont think they are up to Baselines standards for hubby. He had barbeque and I had cajun. Mmmmmm. I was soo stuffed after.
Came home, I cleaned the whole kitchen while Lovey played video games. (Times UP...honey...)
Now for some cuddles? Please?

Well thats our exciting married life, and I love it! <3

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Such a sunday.

This morning I woke up at 0830. This after not going to bed till 0100 because of someone being a little too excited about his new game. I got up, fed the pooch, let her out and attempted sleep.
I layed there for a while, sleepless so I got up and went on the computer. Not much new so I tried to sleep again. I may have slept 10 minutes when My nose was so runny I woke up. YUCK! Tikka wanted out again so out she went. I had a cookie and some chocolate milk, tried to figure out what to do....nadda. So I attempted softly waking up hubby. It was 1130 at this point. I cuddled up to him. Kissed his cheek...nope, rubbed his back...nope...huged him tight....nope. Kissed his cheek while rubbing his bum and cuddled realy close....nope. Coughed a few times...nope. So I layed there, feeling all stuffed up and managed to fall asleep.

I woke to my self yelling at Dan that it was 1330. I must have checked the time in my sleep or something because I dont remember waking up and checking the time, and it wasnt 1330 it was 1300. Dan says to me, "Why didnt you wake me up?" I told him about all my efforts in doing so, he couldnt believe he was that out of it.

We showered, both feeling crappy with stuffed up noses, we decided Chili would be the perfect dinner for this lazy day. So we went to the store where we ran in to Cheryl. She said hi, Dan asked who she was....... I regretted telling him that Cheryl and I are on a first name basis since she works at the fudge store. The rest of the shopping trip I was harassed about how I like fudge too much.

I have bread rising in the oven and am about to start the yummy chili so it can have lots of simmer time. Cant wait for chili dinner and a movie with my man!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Im SUCH a dumbass!

So this morning I had to drive hubby to work, have my friends stuff al packed in the car to take her to the airport directly after my dentist appointment. I dropped hubby off, running late. I was going over the speed limit and he said slow down. I said Im not going that fast over and Im running late. He told me speeding would result in a ticket to just slow down.

I should have listened.

After dropping him off hte computer (my directions to my dentist office 2 hours away) had to restart. Thus causing me to run back home to get the address. There goes another 20 minutes I DONT HAVE. So I was speeding, get on the 417, lanes are doubled so I blew past all the people who were going slow. Turns out THEY were even speeding and I passed them. AAAAAND theres a cop. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I brake but its too late. He pulled me over and CLAIMED I was doing 160km/h. Im pretty sure I was only doing 140.

He said so your car will be impounded immediately and you will have a $______ fine and I think he even said something about taking my license away. Everything after "your car will be impounded immediately" was just a huge blur. I burst out cry and and said, "well how do I get anywhere from the side of the highway?" He said, "you take a cab" He then asked about where we were going so I told him I had an appointment and that I needed to get my friend to the airport. He said, ok, I wont take your car away then. WHEW!

Next is what kind of fine am I getting? He wrote on teh ticket (My FIRST (and only) TICKET) that I was going 140. So Im not sure if thats what he caught me at but knew I was going faster so he told me more, or what. But the damage is $295.00. I called hubby BAWLING and he basically told me its my own damn fault and hes glad Im ok and that the car didnt get taken away. Rightfully so telling me its my own fault. Thats why I was so upset was because it was my own dumbass fault that could have been avoided.

Moral of the story... Always listen to hubby! ....oh and dont speed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Silence for soldiers, tears for the fallen. The silence worth a thousand words and even more heartaches.

Sun shinning in my eyes, remembering those who never saw the sun again. Without a blink the tears fall as the guns fire in honor of our men.

Wives, children, mothers, fathers and friends all surrounding as they hear their loved ones name listed. I can feel them cringe in sorrow. Forever gone, we forever cry.

For all our men and women who served for our country and for us, the fallen and the fighting, Thank you.

Lest we forget.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Im more on track that a train!

This morning has been very successful. I cleaned the disaster room known as the critters den, where parrot Eli, and bunny Godzilla (Zilla) have the run and flight of the room. Eli decided since he soaks his food to soften it, that Zilla would like her food in her water too! He also thought the rest of her food should be eaten off the floor, the whole floor. Zilla decided her litter box needed to be cleaned so she dug it all out onto the rug. It took a while but its CLEAN!

All the while Tikka whined at the bottom of the stairs. Why she didnt just walk up them I dont know. I took her out and dumped the litter box out and remembered Dan asked if I would pick up all the poochy poop. So as I dodged the land mines I decided he was right so I began the journey of picking up turds.

Stink pile picking up was complete so next was to sweep the whole house. Tikka made it her duty to eat most of the dirt once it was piled up. If only she could have done that before so I didnt have to sweep it up.

Laundry time! sheets, clothes, towels, its all getting done. One load in the dryer, one in the washer and I just folded a load and put it away. Oh buzzer went off, time to fold!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I could not ask for more.

Im just so happy with my perfect life.
I have the most amazing husband and we are so wrapped up in each other. He mean the world to me and I couldnt ask for more. (in a man that is, NO men wash dishes, clean and all that. So he is the perfect man, any more perfect and he'd be a woman. tehe)
We have an amazing poochy. Tikka is only 6 months old and already sits, stays and closes the door on command. She also doesnt jump up on the couch without an invitation and she grabs her leash when she needs to go out or when we are getting ready t go. She does need to learn what 'lay down' means but she at least has 'sit' and 'stay' down packed. She also will shake her lifeless duckie like crazy when we tell her to 'GET SOME, GET SOME!' (army term) She is so great.
Perfect husband, perfect life and trying to add a perfect baby to the mix. (hopefully already a bean, we'll see....fingers crossed!)
I am the happiest woman alive!!