Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Im SUCH a dumbass!

So this morning I had to drive hubby to work, have my friends stuff al packed in the car to take her to the airport directly after my dentist appointment. I dropped hubby off, running late. I was going over the speed limit and he said slow down. I said Im not going that fast over and Im running late. He told me speeding would result in a ticket to just slow down.

I should have listened.

After dropping him off hte computer (my directions to my dentist office 2 hours away) had to restart. Thus causing me to run back home to get the address. There goes another 20 minutes I DONT HAVE. So I was speeding, get on the 417, lanes are doubled so I blew past all the people who were going slow. Turns out THEY were even speeding and I passed them. AAAAAND theres a cop. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I brake but its too late. He pulled me over and CLAIMED I was doing 160km/h. Im pretty sure I was only doing 140.

He said so your car will be impounded immediately and you will have a $______ fine and I think he even said something about taking my license away. Everything after "your car will be impounded immediately" was just a huge blur. I burst out cry and and said, "well how do I get anywhere from the side of the highway?" He said, "you take a cab" He then asked about where we were going so I told him I had an appointment and that I needed to get my friend to the airport. He said, ok, I wont take your car away then. WHEW!

Next is what kind of fine am I getting? He wrote on teh ticket (My FIRST (and only) TICKET) that I was going 140. So Im not sure if thats what he caught me at but knew I was going faster so he told me more, or what. But the damage is $295.00. I called hubby BAWLING and he basically told me its my own damn fault and hes glad Im ok and that the car didnt get taken away. Rightfully so telling me its my own fault. Thats why I was so upset was because it was my own dumbass fault that could have been avoided.

Moral of the story... Always listen to hubby! ....oh and dont speed.

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  1. I have to say I think its dumb that some people fight the tickets when tehy indeed broke the law. One time I got pulled over for "not stopping at the stop sign" When I KNOW I stopped because I saw the cop on the parallel road. I made sure (after seeing the cop) to stop behind the stop line even knowing I coudl see a thing. I did as taught, stopped before the line and then crept forward till I knew it was clear and went. He did not ticket me as I told him what I had done. Had he, I would have fought it.

    Well speeding ticket paid. (sigh) wont do that again.