Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Poor Zilla Bunny.

This morning Eli was squawking away. After a while of his squawking and us trying to get back to sleep, I went in there to what his problem was. The second I saw Zilla (looking like she normal does when she sleeps or is resting) I just knew she had died. I looked a bit closer and saw that she in fact wasnt breathing. I got Dan and we looked around, trying to figure out what could have happened. I was not in there yesterday but Dan was and said she was fine then. I decided to look around where she always went, like in the corner of the room behind the bassinet. There was a sizable amount of blood there and then drips of blood going to her cage. On the mat outside the cage, I realized there were a few big blood spots also. My first thought was that Eli lost it on her and had picked her. I didnt think this would happen because they were always fine together. One thought was that she possible ate some of Eli's seeds sine we saw some in her litter box that looked like it had sharp edges and there was more blood in there too. I thought that wasnt the case since there was lots of blood under her, so I figure it was an external cut. I asked Dan to deal with it and check to see where the blood was coming from. He said it was definitely an internal bleeding since he checked at her head first checking all her orifices and checked through her fur and found nothing till he got to her bum.
I miss my furry little bunny.

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