Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Friday, April 16, 2010


It seems like Im never home cuz Im working as it s. Yet its only 8 hours a day. I dont see hubby anyways so I should just get a second job. If it wernt so hard to get this one, I'd get another. Once Hubs leaves I just might get another to pass the time, bring in the money and the hours.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The sun is always shining somewhere.

Recently, I have been hit with tremendously big news. Not the good kind. This news is one of my worst nightmares. There is nothing I can do to stop it, and it is heart crushing.
What should be the happiest moment in my life is also going to be the saddest. I have been hysterical, wishing it wasn't true, but it is.
My husband is going to war in Afghanistan for 7 months.
If that wasnt bad enough, he'll be leaving when Im 6 months pregnant. He wont be able to be there for the birth of our first child.
Im trying to be strong and I find Im stronger than I thought.
I see other wives going through deployment and I envy their strength. I want that strength, not to prove my self to others, but it improve myself, my strength and to be able to support my husband.

Having gone through him being away before, though it takes a while, I realize I need to make everyday happy regardless of his absence. One bad thing, even if its a big one, doesn't mean everything is a let down.
The sun is always shinning somewhere, you just need to find it.