Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the job hunt once again. No more BAD kids!

So I got a message from the kids I was babysitting's mom. She said, "heard my boy was rotten today, do you still want to watch them?" The babysitting fiasco was only the tip of the iceberg that day. So many bigger more important things happened later so I was over the top stressed out. Before I had got this stressed, but after the kids left, I had already decided I was going to look for another job, a real job. My plan was to deal with my house getting destroyed, and ripping out my hair, till I could find something else, then tell them too bad so sad. Rude, I know but they could have always gone back to their old babysitters house. When she asked me if I still wanted to do this, I said, "well I do have the rest of the week to calm down so we will see how next week goes. If I decide I don't want to do it anymore, I will still watch them till you can find someone." She then told me that her sister is watching them from now on till she can find a new sitter. Yes, Im happy I don't have them anymore, but now I've wasted 3 WEEKS of my time, taking care of them when I could have got a real job that doesn't involve my house getting destroyed and I could get more than $35 a Day. With all the time I had them, I only made $150. Three weeks of my time for that! I tried to tell her at least 5 other people told me I should be getting the amount she was paying me for all 3 kids, just for one for a day. She basically told me I was full of shit yet she cant kind a sitter why? Hmm... I wonder.

Oh well. Im handing out resumes monday and had a friend who is seeing about getting me a job where she works at a dog grooming place. I haven't had much luck with the jobs from friends or acquaintances rather but we will see. Its something right.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Every time I turn around.

Im not sure if I like having kids I cant discipline since they aren't mine. This morning the 3 year old boy who is not potty trained, decided to refuse getting his diaper changed. In doing so, my couch got super peed on. Mad already, I take him upstairs to put him on the potty. He was on the potty while I cleaned the couch. I went up there to check on him and there is a LOG on the floor. He pooped and peed on the floor. I made HIM clean it up, but he kept throwing the tp in the potty before it was finished so there was a huge wad in there. I was going to hold half of it with the scrubber and flush then flush the rest so it didn't plug it. He decided to flush it even knowing I told him not to. Toilet CLOGGED. While I went to check on his sleeping sister, he DID pee in the toilet which I praised and rewarded him for. Well the first flush flooded my bathroom so now I have no towels to have a shower. I sent him downstairs while I finished cleaning. He did, and he emptied his sisters bottle on her and the dog. Now I have a sticky dog and sicky kid that cant bath and a wet bathroom. We borrowed the neighbours plunger and the situation is fiiiiiinally covered. Im glad I have the week off to re-coup.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Barking up the baby tree.

So it looks like the husband isn't going over seas. (look like because he would have had gotten his green passport papers and have them handed in next week and he hasn't even got them) I've been seriously thinking about this for the past week and finally decided to ask hubby about this being the last month on bc. He said no after thinking about it for a few minutes. When I asked why he said when I can get the jeep you can have a baby. When I asked later the answer was "......(head shake) then he said, "I want the jeep" and I want a baby so there. He also wanted a laptop which he got in July and said he wasn't going to get till october. He gets everything he wants even when I say no, yet I would be in big trouble if I did for anything I want let alone a baby. I dont even want to do all the temperature checks people do, and eat crazy food that apparently makes it easier to conceive, I just want to go off bc. Thats my rant for the afternoon.