Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Monday, August 31, 2009


So Saturday, we decided to buy the 2010 Toyota Tundra crew cab. (the big one) Chris, from the dealership said the banks were a GO but they would require a co-signer but toyota was ok with doing it. Said it was good to be picked up today. I went in this morning to give some I.D. and stuff, and make sure we didnt need a cosigner. He reasured me it was all good. So I spent the whole day, finding the cheapest insurance. Let me tell ya, it varies by a couple hundred bucks so it pays to shop around. So I found a good deal, switched my tenant insurance with them, got the insurance and went to pick up our truck. 3 TRIPS IN TO PEMBROKE, this day cost me, but for the truck we had searched for and found the perfect was worth it.

Go to get the truck, sit down, he said on well so-and-so will show you a couple different ones you can get. No we said this very blue one in the showroom, thats what you said. Well no what we can do is you can LEASE this 2 seater. I CRIED! I spent so much time, figuring all our stuff out, getting insurance, the whole nine yards, and he said I can get something I have no interest in getting? No the first day shopping we knew what we wanted, it was just a matter of when. Now, not only can we not buy it, but we can only lease it? NO THANK YOU. Apparently our credit is great but because we haven't been loaned any huge amount of money, we can get anything more expensive than $20,000. We have a $20,000 car, we need bigger.

They spent 2 hours trying to sell us other vehicles when we kept saying no, we just want our deposit back. They were real quick to take the money, took 30 minutes to get a refund. The sales guy Steve, was great, the guy who made us think we were getting what we asked for.... NOT. Thanks for nothing Chris!

Can anyone say STRESSED????

Alright, so, we are trying to get a truck, a $40, 000 truck at that. Got it! Now trying to get insurance to pick it up. License place is on strike in all of ontario so I have to convince these people to give us insurance on BC licenses. Oh did I mention that apparently one person cant have insurance from 2 vehicles in their name? Well ya cant and since Dan only has his "G2" insurance is more expensive. Got quoted $360, $190, and $390!!! The $390 would be from the same place we have our renters insurance and it would still be that high. So now Im attempting to switch my renters insurance over to this place that I could get insurance for $190. Did I also mention that we have to get a written letter of our driving record from B.C. before we get insurance? I told them our situation and hopefully they are still willing to compromise. On top of that, we arent goign to have much disposable income for food and gas for our 2 vehicles. AAND I got Dans Cell phone bill, $400!!!! Apparently its $200 just to add an option that should have already been connected. Im quite mad about that! Hopefully this will all iron out smoothly, smoother than my dress this morning. Im walking around partially wrinkly, deal with it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School failure, job success!

So I went to see about getting school paid for my EI. They said they couldn't because the course is longer than a year, and it would be a "career change". I asked what my career is since I've just worked at odd things like a grocery store, a furniture store, and a trucking company.... yeah. Apparently, my career is cashier. So if I wanted to expand my cashier skills, that would be fine. Pffft. Way to keep me on EI government! Cashier, is a job, not a career, Im going to be right back where I am now if I stay in the cashier business, thanks! So anyway, I go home, ready to start printing out some resumes, and I get a call from a girl I almost babysat before. He last sitter wasn't working out so she asked if I was still interested. YEAH I AM! So today I have 2/3 kids for a few hours and I start full time September 2nd! Hopefully its enough money. Im thinking about working at the gas station afterwards if it isn't enough, as we are looking to get a truck. I think We'll wait on the truck, maybe a year or so, that way we can save a good amount first.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great day with my husband.

This morning we slept in. I don't know how late because we had a shower and got dressed and everything before even going down stairs. We left the house at noon to start shopping. We got some groceries and new glasses (the old ones were randomly breaking). We came home, unloaded groceries and took the pup to the beach. The weather was great, the water was nice, and we had a great time swimming. Since we got an ice-cream maker for our wedding, we decided to make mint ice-cream. It in the freezer right now, seems good but a bit too creamy. Then hubby made dinner! (And promised to clean up after it... but he hasn't yet. e made fries, chicken wings and caesar salad.

Going for a walk in a bit! Tomorrow going shooting. (target shooting obviously... possibly those giant dragon flies again)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Puppy love.

Yesterday, I was outside water my tomato plant while sitting on the door step. Hubby opened the window on the door to say something I aimed the hose at him. He then continued teasing me saying I couldn't get him when he opened it really fast. I showed him! I got him, but only a little. He then got a juice jug of water and opened the window and dumped it one me. I guess he didn't think my reaction would be that quick. I managed to get a 5 second spray (on the jet mode) all over him and the kitchen. Well worth the mess, it was fun.

Our 4 month old pup, Tikka, wanted to see what was going on. I opened the door and she came out to play. We were throwing her squeaky duck around the yard. Then when I wanted her inside, I threw it into the house. She went darting in, slipping on the wet floor, crashing into the garbage we had been gathering to take out, and into my tea set. As she was getting up, the broom fell on her. The whole ordeal scared her so much that when the broom landed on her, she yelped. It was so hilarious, hubby and I were bent over on the floor, killing ourselves laughing. Nothing broke and Tikka was fine, so we did it again and again till she got board and wouldn't go in the house. We had to carry her.

I took her for a run later last night too, so by bed time, she was one tired puppy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I really hate neighbours. I want to go back to my 40 acres where no one is seen or heard for a loooong way.

Oh man. I don't even know what's next with our neighbours. We have had them dumping their kiddy pool for their dog, on our lawn. They kicked OUR grass pile, that was on OUR lawn, all over our yard because he thought it was rotting. It had only been there the week and it was only there because our bin was full. The day the bin was emptied, I raked it up. (with the help of his girlfriend because she felt bad when he said he was going to do that. She didn't even know he did it.)
Well the newest is a combination of negligence and plain rudeness! I was gone for a month, in B.C. getting married. My dearest husband was only gone for that last week. In that week, they realized we weren't home, and have been letting their dog poop on our front lawn. No, there is no fence. No we don't mind them or anyone on that lawn. But We are the ones who mow it. And when we just moved in and didn't have a mower, they would mow the law in front of their house, and in front of everyone else's house in our row but ours.
There is a pile of doody right beside our doorstep, and 4 piles in our 2 meter by 5 meter patch between the house and the car.

Options: talk to them rationally.
Pick it up and if it happens again, talk to them.
Pick it up and put it on their lawn.
Put it on their doorstep.
Let our pup poop only on their lawn.

Trying to find a job or education to get a job.

So I'm on EI, trying to find something before my pay runs out. I have an appointment monday to see about doing school payed for by EI. Living on an army base, I figure, daycares are high in demand. One thing I want is to be able to raise my children myself. I want to be the one to teach them and take care of them. I don't mean I will home school them, just for their early years. That and I really don't want to pay for daycare, I would much rather be at home starting my own daycare.
So Im going in monday to convince them I need an Early Childhood Education course, to start my own daycare so that I will be guaranteed a job. Well see how it goes.....