Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I really hate neighbours. I want to go back to my 40 acres where no one is seen or heard for a loooong way.

Oh man. I don't even know what's next with our neighbours. We have had them dumping their kiddy pool for their dog, on our lawn. They kicked OUR grass pile, that was on OUR lawn, all over our yard because he thought it was rotting. It had only been there the week and it was only there because our bin was full. The day the bin was emptied, I raked it up. (with the help of his girlfriend because she felt bad when he said he was going to do that. She didn't even know he did it.)
Well the newest is a combination of negligence and plain rudeness! I was gone for a month, in B.C. getting married. My dearest husband was only gone for that last week. In that week, they realized we weren't home, and have been letting their dog poop on our front lawn. No, there is no fence. No we don't mind them or anyone on that lawn. But We are the ones who mow it. And when we just moved in and didn't have a mower, they would mow the law in front of their house, and in front of everyone else's house in our row but ours.
There is a pile of doody right beside our doorstep, and 4 piles in our 2 meter by 5 meter patch between the house and the car.

Options: talk to them rationally.
Pick it up and if it happens again, talk to them.
Pick it up and put it on their lawn.
Put it on their doorstep.
Let our pup poop only on their lawn.

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  1. Too funny! We had neighbours like that once. Our yard was up higher than their driveway. My husband was not thinking and mowed the lawn the wrong way so that the cut grass blew out over their driveway. He didn't realize he'd done that. That night we get banging on our front door and the neightbour and his wife are there. He has the clippings in a dust pan and dumped them all over our porch and started screaming at us and accusing us of collecting our grass and putting it in his garage. Well, it just blew there. Then his wife starts screaming at me and calling me a bad mother because I work outside the house. And I hadn't even said a thing! Some people!

    I'd be tempted to wait and see if it happens again just to keep the peace and then have a polite chat. Hope it works out for you.