Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cant even talk to my husband for 2 months!!

So hubby was sent to California for "training" really hes just doing general duties (ie. cooking). I got a call from him yesterday, for the first time since he left (since Jan 2nd). He called to say that he wont have phone or internet access for the rest of the time hes there. (Till March 1st!). Why is it that family doesnt matter when they are on the same continent but overseas they get way more than one phone call every 2 months... Im still his pregnant wife who could use a moral booster every now and then when hes gone. Being alone is bad enough but pregnant on top of that.... He misses all the appointments and cant even call to see how things went. I just want him home!

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  1. Hey Les, i cant imagine , how it would be like to not have your husband for 2 months , but what i can say , is keep your head up , and keep smileing , while keep being busy and , hopefully the time will go faster. im Always here for you no matter what , thats what Good Friends are for, talk to you soon
    Luv your Friend Melanie