Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Life is Sunshine and rainbows.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My life lately.

I went to BC February 2-14th. It was a very late night the 2nd but saved me from flying on my birthday. In the morning, my family took me out for birthday breakfast. After that my sister took me to get a pedicure for my birthday. I just LOVE people massaging my feet, weird how much I love it really. Dad had to work that night but the rest of us went to my sisters for mexican dinner. My Deglan brother and Deglan sister-in-law joined. <3

A lot of the time was spent at my sisters making (well I "supervised") Grannys 80th birthday quilt. IT was nice that mom was off work so much so I got to see her lots. I really enjoyed all the family time. Got to see one of my favourite people, Great Auntie Arlene. Vivianna finally decided to put "Leslie" at the end of Auntie... it came out more like Auntie Sessie though. Too cute! She went on and on and ON about Uncle Dan. Whenever they would ask whos coming in _____ days, she would say "UNCLE DAAAN!" They tried to explain that Uncle Dan had to works so it was just auntie but, but she would always add "and Uncle Dan." at the end. We tried to tell her that Uncle Dan was in California doing army stuff... the easiest way to do that was to tell her hes doing army stuff with mini mouse. (her favourite) When Dan called I let her talk to him and the first thing she said was, " HI Uncle Dan! Mimi mouse? An army sfuff?" It was the cutest thing and Dan laughed when we explained why she said that. Tiara sure loves her papa. The weekend before I got there, he took her camping in the yard. He lets her make leather stuff with his leather making tools. So she makes key chains and stuff. Shes growing fast.... Boy do I love her.

Grannies birthday was great! There were about 100 people who showed up. Unfortunately the next day I had to leave. It was a sad trip home since I didnt know when Id be coming back, or if anyone was coming to visit. Im really upset I wont be able to go to my moms 50th birthday since I'll be too pregnant to fly. I said she should come here and visit before hand. Im not sure when she will come since her and dad are planning on coming out when the babys due in August. That would be awesome if the whole family could come so no one missed Tiara and Malcolms birthday. Its quite do-able being summer and all. Yard is big enough for tents!! Hmm.....

Baby Styles is doing great. Im showing now and think I can start to feel it wiggle around but not sure if that is what Im feeling. I cant wait till Daddy comes home and feels the bump. I was 8 weeks when he left so its a big change. 15 weeks has gone so fast, now only 14 weeks of work to guarantee maternity leave! YAY. I The name debate isnt getting far but we have 5 months left.

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